Sunday, 5 December 2010

Foaming Bath Butter

We've been asked for recipes and help with this fab new product.  If you're not already a fan, we think you might be soon!  Containing no SLS or MPEG or similar surfactant chemicals, this "bath butter" is a truly versatile product that's suitable for use unfragranced "as is" and is mild enough to be used in facial scrub recipes.  It's also possible to whip and pipe the butter to create a cupcake effect atop your bath bombs, or to make swirled and layered sugar scrubs.  The possibilities are pretty much endless and with that in mind we're more than happy to help with some tips and recipes.  Photos to follow later.

You'll notice that we sell our bath butter (official name Crystal OPC) in our Melt & Pour Soap section and that it is available in 1kg upwards.  The reason we no longer supply smaller quantities is that we've discovered in tests that 1kg is the smallest amount that it is practical to work with.

If you want to whip your butter and create a foaming body scrub for example, you will need to use at least a kilo and a double bladed whisk (as opposed to a stick blender) along with a not-too-large bowl to successfully achieve the right consistency - it appears to be all about the volume of OPC and the amount of air you are able to work into the mix.  OPC will double in size when whipped from solid as sold (ie not melted). Take care not to over whip or the butter will collapse.

Fragrance, essentials, colour and other inclusions must be added during the whipping process.  Much like beating egg whites really - if you add additional ingredients after you've achieved the volume you require there's a significant risk of the whole thing collapsing.  Use fragrance or essentials to a maximum of 2%.  For added moisturising properties you can add your favourite base oil at around 5-10%.  We would suggest keeping the liquid additions such as fragrance, colour and oils to a maximum of around 10% in total to avoid losing any of the foaming properties of the bath butter.

To make a salt or sugar foaming scrub you'll need to saturate the bath butter with the salt or sugar and then add a bit more salt or sugar.  In this way the "extra" salt will become the exfoliant part of the finished product. 

Jojoba beads - especially the coloured variety (yes, they really will be with us soon!) - look fantastic when added to OPC and complete a really functional but luxurious product particularly when packed into clear wide necked jars.  Just scoop a handful and away you go with your spa bath routine!

Once you've added your choice of ingredients and completed the whipping process, spoon into jars.  Leave the jar without a lid for 24 hours to allow the product to harden.

Additionally you can Melt and Pour this base too and achieve a slightly harder end product.  Both methods could be used for piping and we're still testing this - your feedback would be more than welcome!

Our tests show that you need to use a bit of caution and not over heat the butter.  The best method is to use a double boiler or a pan over hot water.  This way you can be sure that you are removing the product from the heat source as soon as it is liquid.

When your OPC is liquid, remove from the heat and add colour along with any other additions.  Allow to cool slightly before stirring in your fragrance or essential oils.  Keep up the stirring until everything is thoroughly combined.  Pour into your containers and leave to set. 

Detailed recipe sheets as PDF's will be available over the coming days.  As always, your feedback is welcome - don't forget to post your pics to the Facebook page.


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