Sunday, 28 August 2011

Simple Scrubs

Our feet work hard and it's easy to forget to care for them.  Today's simple recipe is for a reviving Peppermint Foot Scrub that's so easy to make and a real treat to use, there's no reason you shouldn't pamper your feet daily.


50g Pumice Grains
50ml Wheatgerm Oil
50ml Grape Seed or Sweet Almond Oil
0.5 - 1ml Peppermint Essential Oil


Chromium Oxide Green Pigment (Hydrated) - fabulous colour for this particular scrub, a kind of blueish green that works well with the Peppermint theme.


Use a separate bowl for this recipe; it should be one you're happy to keep for your beauty crafting only.

Combine all ingredients thoroughly - begin with the pumice and pigment if using and then add base oils and Essential Oil stirring for several minutes to combine.

Decant into suitable containers.  Deli pots or PET jars with lids for example.

This recipe will make around 3 x 50ml scrubs.

There's no preservative in this recipe; it's a tricky thing to preserve an oil rich product against water borne bacteria as a result many presevatives are ineffective in this respect.  Hence the making of small batches and using them fresh - a 50ml pot will be used in a couple of weeks in this house. 

Avoid introducing water to the pot and your product will be fine. Similarly if you're not using the product it will keep for many months undisturbed.  When using, don't sit in the bath and put a wet hand into the pot to scoop some out - try a spoon or spatula instead.

A great gift idea with some small Peppermint Bath Fizzers as well?


Mixed Kreations said...

Cool! Thanks for the recipe.

Lift Your Spirit said...

Looks great! Where can you buy pumice? Thanks.
Tessa, said...

Hi Tessa, many thanks for your interest, hope you enjoy recreating the recipe!

we sell Pumice grains here

Amanda x