Sunday, 30 January 2011

Smelly Days!

Saturdays are made for crafting!  Another workshop day took place yesterday, what fun!  Thank goodness for workshops - they give me the opportunity to actually make bath bombs.  Ironically these days I often lack the time to "just" make things.  When I do it's often in the name of trying out something new.  Yesterday was no different really...

Our little group managed to sneak a test of some of the new fragrances that have arrived here.  Before listing them for sale we like to see how they behave; no two fragrances are the same as you all know though of course they are all formulated for the job (IFRA approved, EU cosmetic/toiletry safe etc). Despite this we still believe in running them through their paces so that we can answer recipe specific questions when they arise. 

So a whole host of hearts & flowers bath bombs were created in some new and exciting fragrances.. from Fresh Mown Grass to Creme Brulee, the smells were delicious and the results? Gorgeous!  Looking forward to sharing the new fragrances with you all and to many more hands on workshops where we run over time and make far more than we planned!

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