Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Royal Mail Parcel Size Change 28th October

Earlier this year Royal Mail introduced parcel size bands and price increases that negatively affected a great many businesses.

We have great news though - look what dropped through the letterbox this morning!

The cost of a parcel of these dimensions was more than double the amount shown just a day or two ago! Note that the £2.25 shown is a franked mail price for second class - this will be a little more if you send your mail via the post office. 

We wanted to ensure that you all have this information - for those of you who sell your products at a distance this is fabulous news in the run up to Christmas.  Looks like the competition from My Hermes and similar operators has had an impact on the Royal Mail. Yipee!

Here is the press release from Royal Mail - go check it out :)

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Emma Louise said...

I am really pleased that Royal Mail are advertising these changes. The kind staff in my local post office have been keeping me informed but if you visit a larger or less caring branch there is no information on any changes. Lets hope they prove popular enough so that they stay this way. Can couriers do any better?