Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hand Made Christmas - Solid Lotion Puds

Making a gorgeous gift doesn't come much easier than this...

This is the first item in our mini series that will help you on your way this Christmas.

If you (like we) are determined to have a hand made Christmas this eye catching lotion "pud" is a lovely place to begin.  

In fact, this little recipe will lend itself to use as a lotion bar, bath melt or massage bar.  Only the mould you use will make the difference.  The balance of butters and oils enables the finished product to melt on contact with skin or indeed warm bath water.  So take your pick, adapt the recipe just by choice of mould and make the most of this versatile combination of ingredients.

Using just Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter and your choice of vegetable base oil, this is a cost effective recipe. Whilst we've suggested the Essential Oils used here (which are a wonderful therapeutic combination with a gorgeous aroma), you can of course adapt these to your favourites or substitute a fragrance oil instead.  A great combination would be a designer similar fragrance and a sprinkle of glitter for a lotion bar perfect for the party season.


(to make 4 x 50g puds)

You will also need; 4 x holly toppers, pipettes, a suitable mould ( for the image above we used a medium paper souffle case) and a heat source.

Melt the butters beginning with the Cocoa butter and adding the Mango as the Cocoa begins to melt.  Use a low heat setting if using a microwave.  Alternatively use a bowl over hot water but please ensure no water or steam enters the bowl of ingredients.  You may also melt directly in a pan. In all cases, ensure that the butters are only heated to the point of "just" melting. Do not overheat and do not leave unattended.

When the butters are liquid, add the base oil.  Stir and allow to cool to the point of slightly thickening.  ( not for too long - you will still need to pour the mix!)

Add the essential oils and stir thoroughly. 

Pour a small amount into each of the cases first and then fill with the remaining mix (doing so should ensure there is no seepage from the cases - this is also why you should not pour at too high a temperature).

Refrigerate until completely cold.

Peel off the cases and insert the holly topper if using 

So that the aroma lasts, wrap in cello bags, cling film or store in an airtight container until required.

To make bath melts select a small souffle case - this will hold around 30g which is sufficient for a bath melt.
To make a massage bar use a plastic or silicone mould with a capacity of around 50-80g.  Cool completely before attempting to remove from the mould.
If you'd like a massage bar that doesn't melt quite so quickly, increase the Cocoa Butter by 20%

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