Saturday, 8 September 2012

Top 5 Tips to Get the Best out of your Soap Moulds - Part 1 - Plastic Tray Moulds


Multi Purpose Moulds - the above were all made from the same mould

Some of you know that we now produce our own plastic tray moulds in house.  We've used this style of mould for many years, for Bath Bombs and Soaps as well as melts, shower bombs and the like.

Functional and long lasting, they are a great addition to the Bath & Body crafter's cupboard but as with anything functional, there are ways to get the best out of using them.

As our in house designed & made range grows, we are learning more and more about the do's and don't s and naturally wanted to share with you all.

1) Do not overheat. When using Melt & Pour soap base with your mould, remove the soap base from the heat source and allow a minute or two for the temperature to reduce. Usually, you will be adding colour and fragrance at this point and this time delay will suffice but if you've had to reheat your base, keep this tip in mind. If using melted oils and butters to create massage bars and melts, be especially mindful of the temperature. You must allow the oil/butter to cool before pouring.

2) Always wash your moulds in warm soapy water immediately after use. This is especially important when making bath bombs as the ingredients will weaken the moulds if left unwashed for extended periods of time

3) Do not dishwash or apply direct heat to the moulds. They are plastic and will warp or melt.

4) Take care when de moulding soap.  Most tray moulds will release bath bombs incredibly easily but with soap a number of factors can make de moulding tricky.  Fragrance and colours, additions and layers can all affect the soap itself and make it cling to the mould.  Chilling thoroughly will greatly assist removal of soaps, whatever base you use.  Ensure the soap has had at least 30 minutes in the fridge if it has intricate detail to the mould. You can speed this process by using the freezer but be aware that regularly doing so or leaving the mould for long periods in the freezer will shorten the life of the plastic making it brittle.  Now and then is fine though!

5) Look for the release of air when removing your soaps. Upturn your mould and apply gentle but firm pressure with your fingers/thumbs first in the middle of the soap and then around the sides. You should see the soap release and a pocket of air travel around the mould.  Delicate designs often obscure this so be patient and keep applying firm but gentle pressure until the soap is released.  Do not bend or bash (!) the mould or you will risk permanent damage.

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