Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Natural Cleaning Challenge - Week 3 - Eco friendly jewellery cleaner #NatClean2012

Jubilee fever may be over, but we're still wearing our best sparkly jewels in honour of Her Majesty the Queen!

If your jewellery is looking a bit dull and lifeless, today's #NatClean2012 challenge is for you - let's get those sparklers sparkling and make you look like a Queen once again!

It's important to clean your jewellery regularly if you want to keep it in tip top condition - everyday wear and tear can make it look dull and lifeless, and who wants a lifeless bit of metal upon their person?

So, let's get cleaning - naturally!

Clean Silver Jewellery naturally

You will need:
  • aluminium (tin)foil
  • baking powder
  • boiling water
Firstly line a bowl with the foil - make sure the bowl is something that can cope with boiling water or this could get a little messy!

Then put in your silver jewellery.

Cover the jewellery with baking powder. Make sure it's covered but don't go mad!

Now the fun bit; pour on boiling water until it covers the jewellery. It will fizz and foam a little - don't panic!

Leave it for around 5 minutes to perform it's fizzy magic.

Lift out the jewellery (we'd recommend using a fork if you don't want to be branded) and rinse under cold water.

Buff with a soft cloth and gaze in wonder at your new sparkly items :)

(Note of caution - be careful with costume jewellery, as leaving for too long in the boiling water could melt the glue - we'd advise soaking for a minute at a time)

Clean Gold Jewellery naturally

 You will need:
  • cider vinegar
In a bowl, place the gold jewellery you wish to clean.

Add the cider vinegar until it covers the items.

Let it sit for 15 minutes, then take it out and buff with a soft cloth.

Bask in the knowledge that everyone will soon think you have a whole load of new jewellery and all for the cost of a bit of cider vinegar!

So there we have it - 2 great eco recipes for cleaning gold and silver jewellery - now you can look good and save the planet at the same time!

Will you take us up on our NatClean2012 challenge? If you missed the previous posts, click here to find them!

Let us know in the comments below (and on Twitter using hashtag #NatClean2012) if you have any other jewellery cleaning tips, and how you're getting on with our Natural Cleaning Challenge!

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