Thursday, 5 April 2012

Natural Cleaning Challenge!

Spring! And what am I thinking about?! Yep, how dirty are those windows, when was the last time the fridge was cleaned out, how do I get the limescale off the sink...


There's a whole host of reason why you might want to "clean up" your cleaning.

Like me, I am sure you are concerned about your own personal environment.  Many of us make our own Bath & Body products simply to know exactly what is going onto our skin and into our baths.

It's seems natural then that I'm also concerned about the wider world, the impact that over packaging and use of plastics has on our planet.  Indeed that is also one of the reasons I got into making Bath products in the first place. 

In the mix is also a feeling of worry about transportation of goods from the source/manufacturer, to the distributor, from the distributor to the supermarket and from the supermarket to my home.  What IS the real cost of that bottle of oh so handy cleaning spray?

It seems to me that many every day cleaning products are more than a bit of an environmental no no on many levels when you also add harsh chemicals into the equation.

This is my personal list of reasons to change at least some of my own cleaning habits and products;

  • Too much packaging
  • Harsh unnecessary chemicals
  • Cost in money
  • Cost in terms of the environment

Don't get me wrong though - I am all for convenience and 100% behind a clean and safe kitchen, bathroom and home.  And what is more I don't want to spend a single second more on my cleaning chores than I have to.  Who would!?

So here's what I thought....

Would you join me?

Could we change our cleaning habits easily?

Among the hot topics I'd love to look at ...

  • How to make an effective general purpose cleaning spray
  • What removes limescale without seemingly nuking the entire house
  • How do you keep carpets fresh with kids/animals around
  • Can I live without bleach? (Oh dear, that says so much!)

Up for a challenge?  What do YOU want to change about your cleaning?

Let me know below and we will see what we can come up with :)

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