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Luscious Lip Scrub - More Credit Crunch Beauty

There is no escaping the fact that it is still winter out there...

With this sort of weather comes, more often than not for me, dry chapped or (horrors!) peely lips.  Yes peely!  Is that a word?  In any case it's a description of just what happens without fail every winter to so many of us.

Time for a little TLC then.  This recipe will not break the bank and will ensure that you avoid the dreaded peel or if it's already got you - this will help fix it in no time.

Lip scrubs have become quite the thing and carry quite a price tag.  Thankfully there is no need to dig deep - this recipe is really simple and cheap to make leaving no excuse for peelitis!

To make your Luscious Lip Scrub

(For one batch of 6 x 50g Scrubs)

Note: divide the ingredients if you wish to make less, just ensure that you keep the ratios the same

You will need these ingredients;

You will need these utensils/containers;

A heat proof bowl or jug
A mixing bowl sized container
Some spoons; tablespoon size will do
Kitchen paper for spills
Pipette to measure flavour if using

Melt your Beeswax first until *just* liquid - do this in a microwave or in a bowl over water
Add the Shea butter, stir and return to heat briefly until *just* liquid
Remove the butters from the heat and stir in the base oil - at this point if the mix solidifies, return to the heat briefly.
If using, add your Vitamin E (can extend shelf life and provides additional nourishment for lips) and your flavour.  We advise using a minimum amount of flavour - try just 3ml and see what you think.  In this recipe, that is for a product that you effectively wipe off, you might decide to omit the flavour.  It is pleasing to the nose though so the choice is yours :)

Stir thoroughly and then in a larger bowl add the liquid to your caster sugar.  The time taken to add your flavour/vit e will have allowed the mix to cool enough so as not to melt the sugar.  Stir until all the oils are combined with the sugar and then quickly transfer to your pots/jars.

You don't need to use expensive containers - why not store the main mix in a deli container and decant what you need into a smaller pot. Your mix will keep happily for up to 6 months this way. We suggest you use open and in use pots within 3 months. 

How To Use

(Don't use on badly damaged or bleeding lips)

Basically your scrub will help to exfoliate your lips and remove dead skin cells, preventing peeling. To use simply scoop a small spot onto your finger and massage into your lips in a circular motion. Wipe away any excess with a tissue.

The oils/wax/butters will leave a protective residue on your lips but it is good to follow a lip scrub with using a lip balm or butter for extra protection.

Hints & Tips

  • If you'd like a splash of colour add Jojoba beads to the mix in the final stage (after the sugar/oils have been combined) - this will result in flecks of colour throughout your scrub. Jojoba beads are found in many high end cosmetic products and look really effective as well as providing additional exfoliation.
  • This recipe will make a firm scrub that softens on contact with the skin. If you'd like a soft buttery scrub, reduce the Beeswax by up to 20%
  • Do not allow water into the mix. Water harbours bacteria and may result in your finished product going mouldy
  • Once in use, we suggest that you use your scrub within 3 months. If making just for yourself, either halve the recipe or store the main part of your mix in a deli container or similar, and just remove what you need for a couple of weeks at a time. The main part of your mix should then be perfectly fine for at least 6 months.


PS we have a new dual product kit here to make both the Luscious Lip Scrub and Soothing Lip Balm

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