Sunday, 29 January 2012

Beautiful Bath Melts - More Credit Crunch Beauty

Beautiful Bath Melts

So pretty and so straightforward to make - yes really!  

Melts are an absolute delight for those of us who suffer from dry skin; the butters melt in the bath but will leave a film of skin loving goodness on the bather - just pat dry after bathing and you'll find that you don't need to moisturise.

If you're planning a wedding, these make gorgeous favours.  A single melt can be tied into a small cellophane bag and finished with a piece of curling ribbon. They look fabulous and don't cost the earth.

To make them successfully, you want a mixture that sets up well in the little cases or moulds but that will gently melt into warm running water.

Here is a recipe that will achieve exactly that.  This one makes around 20-25 petit four size melts.  If you want to make more or less simply multiply the amounts up equally.


Cocoa Butter 100g
Shea Butter      50g
50ml Base oil - vegetable such as Sweet Almond, Grape Seed or even a richer oil such as Wheat Germ/Calendula/Evening Primrose etc

Optional: 2 - 4ml Fragrance or Essential Oil Concentrate
(Use the lower amount where possible; for goods for resale this recipe could be classed as a leave on product due to the fact that the rich butters and oils will adhere to the skin even after bathing.  Pay particular attention to the nature of any Essential Oils you may wish to use.)

25 petit four size paper cases
10-15 small paper souffle cases
Small cavity size moulds of your choice

Rose Buds, other dried (plain) flowers/seeds, cosmetic glitters

A teaspoon of Jojoba Beads - coloured - a simple way to add a hint of colour to your melts


Cocoa Butter will take the most amount of time to melt.  Break it into small chunks if possible and microwave on half heat for 20-30 seconds at a time, taking care not to overheat.

When the Cocoa Butter is "just" melted, add the Shea Butter. Stir, and return to the microwave for just enough time to melt the Shea.  

Add the Base Oil (and Jojoba Beads if using) and stir, add (optional) fragrance or essentials, stir thoroughly 

If the mix is setting up, return very briefly to the microwave

Pour into your cases/moulds.


If you want to add a standing rose bud as seen in our pictures, pop your poured melts in the fridge until slightly cloudy but not completely set.  Remove and holding the bud by the flower insert the stalk into the partially hardened melt.  If the melt is at the right stage, this will result in the bud standing up.

Follow the advice above to sprinkle with glitter as this is best done before the melt has completely set but not too soon otherwise they will sink to the bottom.

Bear in mind that whatever is on or in the melts will end up firmly planted on your skin.  A single Rose Bud can be captured... a mountain of glitter cannot :D (ah but for me that's the best bit - getting out the bath all of a twinkle!)


PS We supply a kit to make Melts that you can find here 


The Bathtime Team said...

These do really look quite beautiful, lesley and Anita said...

Thanks Lesley & Anita, we've been making these for years and I still think "wow" when I see them. Particularly love this picture though, since it's one of the first my eldest has taken in her new role as in house photographer :)