Saturday, 2 July 2011

Fabulous Sugar Scrubs - Beauty on a Budget

I think I've gone Sugar Scrub mad.

It's no longer possible for me to feel like I've had a bath or shower if I haven't


So when I came across this article by Anna Sassen, Editor at UK Handmade featuring recipes from Emma Heathcote-James, founder of the Little Soap Company, I had to share it with you

LIFESTYLE: Credit Crunch Proof Beauty Recipes: Face and Body Scrubs

Whats the big deal then? Well for me, the summer (yes it's here!) is a time when I really do fall out with my skin. I've sensitive skin with a tendency to (sometimes extreme) dryness and that presents an exfoliation issue - or at least it did in the dim and distant past when I used commercial products - that frequently ended in irritation and tears.

These days I understand that whilst I do indeed need to slough off rough bits, it's important to nourish your skin as you do so. (do this from the inside too. drink water. lots.)

So a Body Scrub is the perfect solution. Basically an exfoliator (more often than not plain and simple sugar) combined with a Base Oil (frequently Sweet Almond), a scrub will encourage away old tired and dead skin cells (sugar) whilst at the same time nourishing and moisturising (oil) the gorgeous glowing skin that's left.

The Cotswolds based Little Soap Company supply natural soaps and toiletries to retailers such as Waitrose, The National Trust and other independant retailers as well as having an online shop. You may also like to know that they run Cold Process Soap Making workshops too.



Rebecca (Soap Deli News Blog) said...

I love body and sugar scrubs! My favorite oil to use is rice bran oil, though it's not commonly found in recipes. Feel free to stop by my blog and check out my sugar scrub recipes. said...

Hello Rebecca, thank you for stopping by. I've been over to your blog - fabulous recipes, I will definitely be a regular visitor :) Great to meet you :)