Monday, 20 June 2011

Glastonbury Anyone?

Are a bunch of people that "do the festival" circuit, setting up home for a few days and spreading happiness among the children of fellow festival goers.  Sam and the crew make all manner of wonderful things with the kids, put on many a free activity and hold bath bomb, soap, shampoo & candle making  workshops with a difference, using magical herbs.  In fact every item made at these workshops comes with its very own spell!

We've supplied Sam for a couple of years now and she's always good enough to take along some of our leaflets to give out, complete with discounts for our website BUT -

This year Sam is generously offering a 50% discount on any workshops providing you mention when you arrive!  Now that can't be bad can it?

I think Sam and her friends do a sterling job and I know that right now they are incredibly busy setting up - I'm even more aware of this than usual as email communication between us has failed a little bit! You have to love those email gremlins!  So please excuse my less than full information about Angel Gardens itinerary - but no matter, if you are off to Glasto then do give them a visit in the "Green Crafts" area, show your support and say Hello from all of us here please! :)

And if you're not one of the lucky ones off to Glastonbury this year, why not stop by Angel Gardens Facebook page & check back to see Sam's photos of all the fun?

The fun begins at Glastonbury on Weds the 22nd of June and lasts until Sunday the 26th June

Find out more about this year's events at Glastonbury here or take a peek at the musings from Glastonbury's Green Blogger, Rachel Wallace.

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