Thursday, 28 April 2011

Gremlins, Competitions and Wedding Fever

Ok, we did it*. But before I say any more I have to say a huge thank you for the massive amount of support that's flown our way in the 24 hours since we first mentioned the competition.  You're all amazing.

Our entry for the Barclays Take One Small Step competition 2011 is now live; almost 24 hours after clicking the upload button on the full entry and video, we were informed it was available to view having been duly moderated.

To say the office has been tense is definitely an understatement.  I am quite sure I saw the very building itself heave a sigh of relief when that email came in.  Thank goodness tomorrow is all about a very different kind of excitement - we wish William & Kate the very best of days.

So here's the link..

Bathbomb.Biz entry

please do pop over there and "like" the entry & comment if you have the time, we're really looking forward to hearing what you think.

*When you do visit, you will notice something missing!  Sadly, technology and gremlins combined to defeat our attempts to upload our video... we had a sneaking suspicion all was not well but had to wait till today to discover that. 

It would be easy to whinge, beat ourselves up, walk around with long faces.  It wasn't for want of trying that the video failed and in the end you have to deal with disappointment and move on.  We hope we've made a strong case in our public and private written submissions to the judges.  (It isn't possible to amend or add to your entry once submitted) Once again, time will tell and we can only keep everything crossed and keep the video well in the public eye for all to see.

Exciting stuff!  Do have a look at the other entries, it feels good simply to be sitting alongside so many bright and innovative people. 

Whatever happens this has already been a fabulous journey and it's lovely to be able to share it with you all.

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