Sunday, 16 March 2014


This will be short and perhaps bitter sweet.

We're so fortunate to have such a fantastic vibrant bunch of loyal customers.  This is a good time to once again say a huge thank you to you all - it's been a real pleasure to have been part of your adventures.

We've made a very difficult decision to close the main website.  Primarily we have to face the fact that after over 8 amazing years things have quite simply, changed.  I could go on about all the different challenges we've faced but it seems much better to focus on the future, to let you know that we will still be around a while longer but not in the form that you're used to and that there is no cause for concern.

So today I've been "closing" the website. Sitting here on a sunny Sunday afternoon whilst friends and family romp in the sunshine, twiddling with all the different sections; deleting a lot of hard work but ensuring that there is information for our customers.  

Reading back that last sentence will probably summarise where my head is at the moment.  Many of you know that this business is my third baby.  I am a single parent to two beautiful (now teenage) girls and we've had to make a lot of sacrifices and faced many personal challenges whilst I've been building and running this little enterprise.  Economic factors are part of the reason for this change but I've also come to a point where I must pursue other things, not least a return to a fairly normal family life.

I am quite sure that you will have questions, perhaps concerns.  All orders are perfectly safe and we are not disappearing. That's a very important message and the reason for this post.  Our website had a product count of some 12000 units when all pack sizes were included in the calculation.  We are closing the site simply so that we can manage the sale of our stocks efficiently.

Going forward I will be working in a very closely related field whilst retaining some aspects of Ltd. There are no plans for us to continue supplying ingredients at this point in time but there are plans in the pipeline for new adventures within the field of Bath & Body - watch this space. 

So, over to Ebay - let the sale commence...  


Stitchinwitch said...

Sad news but good luck with your new venture, may you have every success x

Hazel Lessiter said...

Hi Amanda. This is such a shock. I am sure that it was a hard decision to make. Thank you very much for being there for your customers in the past. I wish you the best of luck for the future. I may not have bought a huge amount in the past but you were my favourite bath bomb ingredient supplier. Good Luck and thank you